We are changing our main warehouse

We are changing our main warehouse

Posted by Woodey on 25th Nov 2020

In order to improve and expand our logistics service, we like to inform you that we are moving our main warehouse to a bigger facility in the next days. Our commitment to growth and expansion, innovation, and flexibility led us to look forward for a better location that will offer faster International shipping.

We are glad to announce to you that we had a deal with one of the biggest 3PL providers in China and we are going to use their services for the majority of our shipments.

That way we will be able to provide fast and FREE international shipping for all our orders, no matter where you are located on the global map.

We will continue serving our US orders from our current warehouse but at a lower scale as the majority of our inventory will be sent to the new warehouse in China.

What this means for you:

  • Our US warehouse will deal only within US.
  • If you are located within US most likely you will get served from our US warehouse with expedited (3-7 days) delivery. In case there is no stock in the US warehouse you will get expedited shipping from CN warehouse (5-11 days).
  • All customers outside of US will be served by our CN warehouse with expedited shipping varying on the region they are located but in most cases 5-15 days.
  • Returns will have to be sent to the CN warehouse.

We believe that this move will lead to an increase in our efficiency and better service for our customers (you).