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  • How long does it take an order to arrive?
    • We dispatch orders in 2-4 days and the usual shipping time by DHL is 5-8 business days. Keep in mind that during Holidays and because of the unpredicted current COVID situation - times can vary a bit.
  • Do you offer to ship internationally? What is the cost?
    • We do ship globally for any purchase! Shipping is absolutely free.
  • Do you have any retail locations where I would be able to try these on
    • Unfortunately at this time we only have a presence online and in a few small shops along the Denver.
  • Is it safe to wear wood sunglasses?
    • Absolutely! It is even recommended as they are more lightweight, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Do you have any certificates?
    • Yes, of course. Our sunglasses are CE and RoHS certified.
  • Do you offer prescription lenses?
    • Not yet, but we have been working on it and will be able to offer soon!
  • Are wood Sunglasses more fragile than plastic sunglasses
    • This one should be pretty obvious here, anytime you make a product from a natural material like wood, they are always going to be a little more fragile than materials like plastic. Please just be conscious that they can break from things like dropping them off your head, sitting on them in the car, or clipping them on the front of a shirt and then getting a strong hug. All our shades come with a Bamboo hard case to help you protect them.
  • Are the lenses made from glass or plastic?
    • Since our frames need to have the lenses "popped in" during the assembly process, we are unable to utilize glass lenses for these shades. All of our lenses are polarized shatter-resistant plastic.
  • What are your largest/smallest frame styles?
    • While most of our shades are designed to fit most people and be mostly for either women or men, a few of them are a little larger or smaller than others.
  • Do you have the capacity to do custom engraving on the sunglasses?
    • At this time, unfortunately, we are unable to fulfill custom order requests for individual pairs.
  • Can I be notified when a pair showing as "Out of stock" comes back in?
    • Absolutely! We will always try to send out notifications when new pairs arrive, just be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when new things arrive!